Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adhesive Tip & Weathered Leather Look

We all have attached a piece of paper to our layout and  then " Oh No it's not in the right spot!" and you have to try and remove it without tearing the paper. If you put your adhesive in at least an inch from the edge, then there is no worry if the paper tears. Most of the time it is less than an inch that the piece has to be moved over or straightened. When I apply adhesive I put 2 -3 strips down the center of the piece and keep it away from the edges. Page protectors hold everything in place so there is no worry that something will come off. 
Another reason for staying away from the edges is shown in this layout, over lapping, if your adhesive is on the edges you can't slide pictures on later but if it is in the center then a picture slides under.                  
Where I scrapbook there is no running water, a few years ago I was trying a new technique that required water to dampen the paper. I grabbed for the stamp cleaner and dampened my paper with it, scrunched my paper and layed it flat to dry. When it was dry the stamp cleaner had removed some of the color in the paper, it didn't bleach it just brought out the lighter color tones. I sanded it and got a really neat looking paper. This technique was to make your paper look like leather, my looked like weathered leather. This is how I dampen all my paper, I have even done it without scrunching, just spray and blot.
The inch strip on the right is the weathered leather look. For tutorials and more techniques go to Scrapless.

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